Services Mobiles SMT

Since 1996,  Services Mobiles SMT has been offering its customers not only a service, but an adapted and specialized solution for heat treatment and refractory dry-out.

In addition, we are proud to have made the leap since 2014 in the field of machining and mechanical insulation services where we have developed cutting-edge expertise.

Our reputation precedes us

Our company is recognized in all Canadian provinces, particularly in Quebec and Ontario. Our efficiency and the constant satisfaction of our customers contribute to our reputation.

Our dynamism allows us to respond efficiently to emergencies and to ensure our business partners an unparalleled speed of response.

Our ties are strong

Sustainability and trust are success factors for Services Mobiles SMT . The outcome of a project is often linked to these factors, which is why we attach great importance to them.

Meeting your Expectations

Whatever the need, we will find a solution. Your requirements are the focus of our concerns, and with our on-site personalized mobile services and our unique facilities, the success of your project is guaranteed.



  • Be the benchmark for heat treatment services across Canada.
  • Have the best skilled workforce.
  • Be at the heart of large-scale projects.

Our values

Our values are the pillars of a long-term vision and this is what defines us.

  • The pride of being part of a unique company with a dynamic team.
  • Integrity, a key of lasting trust in our relationships with our business partners.
  • Teamwork, a core factor in providing a fast and efficient service solution.
  • Adaptation, a primary quality of all our employees who demonstrate an ability to change their work methods and evolve, no matter the situation or work environment. The company recognizes the need to be attentive and flexible with them in order to respond to the most ambitious demands of its current and future customers.



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