Services Mobiles SMT specializes in the thermal treatment
of metals and the firing of refractory concrete.

Since 1996, we have been serving Eastern Canadian provinces, including Ontario.

Our reputation precedes us
Our company is known for its rapid response to urgent situations. Our goal is to meet our clients' needs while relying on the availability of our dynamic workforce, the exceptional quality of our work, and the speed of our operations.
Our bond is solid
Services Mobiles SMT wishes to establish a long-lasting relationship with its clientele. This relationship is often the element that leads to a project's success. This is why it is so important to us, and why we devote a great part of our resources to strengthen this bond.
Your expectations, our knowledge
Whatever your needs, we can respond to them rapidly with our versatile services, either at the client site or in our factory. We provide vast industry knowledge and expertise, and we ensure that the chosen application will meet your expectations.

Our mission

Services Mobiles SMT aims to become the go-to company for thermal treatments and firing of refractory concrete in Eastern Canada, offering a highly customized service to support our reputation. We will achieve this with our unique expertise, our skilled labour force, our cutting-edge technology, and of course, with our partnership with our clients.


Services Mobiles SMT now offers on site pipe cutting and machining services. For more info

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